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Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Importance of Auto Insurance Is Thinking About Buying Your First Car

The Importance of Auto Insurance Is Thinking About Buying Your First Car? Well, auto insurance can be the last thing in your mind. But this is necessary. The Indian Automobile Act made buyers of all vehicles needed to clarify their vehicles. Why do you need to buy auto insurance now? Well, if your car is sick, car vehicles will be used to help you if accidental damage occurs.

The insurance company taken by the car insurance policy will take steps to pay for your vehicle loss, including repair vehicles. You will pay the company's annual premium for insurance benefits, but if you have a sick car, this will help reduce costs. In essence, whenever you are involved in your car accident, finance your company and thus reduce your financial burden. Type of car insurance Two types of auto insurance are the only third party liability Policy: A basic policy in accordance with the 1988 Act, to be taken with the purchase of cars. Comprehensive coverage policy: coverage against loss, loss or loss of your vehicle due to theft, accident, explosion, fire, electricity, self-ignition, attack, riot, natural disaster or terrorist acts. For the first time insurance buyers, give up the best 20 tips as the buyer should know the insurance for the first time all the information available in the market insurance policy.

Find the right source to view and limit policies based on several standard policies such as lower premium costs, coverage, additional benefits, claim resolution ratio, etc. Use the online auto insurance calculator to get your car as quickly and quickly as you need, and the policy you need is to know what is best: Claiming reimbursement Three important insurance should understand the claim ratio: Claim claim Listed above CSR: Number of claims / claims + At the beginning of the remaining period of the reported year - the remaining claims of the year have expired o The claim claim settlement is as follows: Rejection of claims / total claims = Percentage of claims rejected% of claims in case of outstanding financial recovery: Leech / Total claims allows you to thousands of claims pending claims under the possibility of claims data analysis of the history and the history of the treatment process quickly. Keep in mind that relatively new companies can be counterfeit in the market because the claim can be false. Claim statements provide us with important information and final decision when choosing a product or insurance company. If you get less than the insurance benefits, then the claim data can block you from the contract. 3. What you should know about third-party insurance is that the word "third party" means that the beneficiaries of this policy are neither insurance nor real insurance, but an outsider who is affected by the work of the vehicle. In this way, property insurance is provided by a third party: On legal cover and comprehensive financial assistance in order to benefit and attract decision-making policy during unforeseen events. Normal third party removal and insurance: as a result of loss of damage caused by the vehicle: injury to tangible property or property of a third party. Total Failure from Owner / Key Features of Third Party Insurance: Medicines are paid directly to the third party or payment method.

In this case, policy-making is a little useful. The third-party cover does not cover anyone's damage. The third party is no different from the car premium under the premium because it is impossible to know how much it is. Third party liability insurance requires the participation of your solicitor. Update or purchase third party insurance online in quick and easy steps. Notwithstanding the exclusion excluded in third party insurance, damages, losses or liability relating to the geographical boundaries have been discontinued. In addition to the owner of the vehicle or the specific driver's vehicle if the claim arises because of contractual compensation. On the other hand, due to large losses, the third party suffered any loss or loss. Direct or indirect responsibility for attack, war, war, radioactive disturbances or nuclear weapons. 4. Policy Document Your purchase insurance has a contract agreement, which may include technical terms that are hard to understand. If you want to avoid confusion in the future, it is necessary to read the documents before signing a point line. Check out your policy document: Who is coverage, join, exclude and limit

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